Saturday, 26 December 2009

Burt Ward - Batman S1 E33 and 34

The last set from Series 1. I will upload Series 2 soon.

Batman and Robin have been captured by Penguin and put in to room where the air is sucked out.


Murasaki Shiori said...

I apologize for using this way to tell you something, but unfortunately, I couldn't find any better way on this blog page.
I just wanted to tell you about the movie called The Landlady (1998). It's second main character is Patrick, who is played by Jack Coleman (who also acted in the TV Show called Heroes) and is tied to the bed with several materials, and is also gagged. Unfortunately, there are no pictures to be found on Google, I don't know where they could go off, though I have found a video on YouTube, with this I can prove it has him tied up :P
It comes at 0:50.
Though the movie is some kind of a thriller since the landlady in the movie kills almost everyone. Sorry..~

Anonymous said...

More Burt, please...