Saturday, 26 December 2009

Burt Ward - Batman S1 E23 and 24

Batman and Robin are captured by The Riddler and about to be made in to wax candles. Obviously they escape, but later Robin is again captured and tied to a rack.


Anonymous said...

the episode of Batman and Robin tied hanging over the vat of hot wax was one of my horniest childhood memories. I especially loved the long panning shot that went from top to bottom, showing their wrists tied together at the top, and their tightly bound ankles at the bottom. For a superhero-bondage fetishist like myself, this was perfect.

Anonymous said...

This got me really hot as a kid too. I remember jerking off to it when it was on a BW TV after school. Esp Batman's pit stains! Thanks !

Anonymous said...

The rare sight of Robin's armpit hair would just make me shoot across my bed! Damn what a hot fuck he was.