Saturday, 26 December 2009

Burt Ward - Batman S1 E33 and 34

The last set from Series 1. I will upload Series 2 soon.

Batman and Robin have been captured by Penguin and put in to room where the air is sucked out.

Burt Ward - Batman S1 E32

Another one of my fav scenes with Robin blindfolded. He has been captured by Riddler and taken out on a window ledge where he is thrown off. He is saved by catching a batarang in his teeth and Batman pulling him up!

Burt Ward - Batman S1 E29 and 30

Robin has been captured by The Bookworm and tied to a bell clanger. When the clock reaches the hour he will be crushed. One of my fav scenes :-)

Burt Ward - Batman S1 E25

One of the lamest bits of bondage in the series. Batman and Robin are captured by Joker.

Burt Ward - Batman S1 E23 and 24

Batman and Robin are captured by The Riddler and about to be made in to wax candles. Obviously they escape, but later Robin is again captured and tied to a rack.