Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sterling Knight - 17 Again (Better source material)

Although there is already a set of pics from 17 Again, featuring Stirling, these are from a better quality video.

Alex is being hazed by the basketball team by being taped to the toilet with his hands (as he says) 'taped to his ass!'

Ryan Carnes - Trailer Park of Terror

WARNING - It doesn't end well for our hero! These pics are quite grim, but of course Ryan was not really skinned alive (it's makeup) and then deep fried!

You have been warned!

James Franco - Whatever It Takes

James is left tied to the bed by disgruntled girl.

Blair McDonough - Sea Patrol S3 E4

Rescued by the Sea Patrol guys.

Alexander Ludwig - Race To Witch Mountain

Not the best camera positions, but still...

Alexander and his sister are captured by nasty officials and about to have experiments perormed on them. Alexander is on the Right hand side (where the men are standing).