Monday, 30 August 2010

Jordan Gavaris and Unknown - Unnatural History S1 E10

During a security upgrade Henry, Jasper and Maggie get trapped in the Museum. Jasper gets taken hostage. Because he is too talkative he is threatened with being gagged and then actually gagged with his own soak.

Henry and Maggie take one of the bad guys hostage in an effort to get Jasper. If anyone knows the name of the actor then please let me know in the comments box. Ta muchly!

Jordan Gavaris

Kevin G Schmidt, Will Bowes and Kyle Mac - Unnatural History S1 E9

The episode starts at the end where Henry is chained in an Iron Maiden (apparently!). We then go to the beginning to see how he got there. During the episode 2 other guys get kidnapped.

Kevin G Schmidt

Kyle Mac

Will Bowes

Kyle and Will