Monday, 23 November 2009

Christian Slater - Kuffs

One of my favourite scenes...Kuffs is captured by the smugglers and left to be blown up. The best bit about this scene is the fact that Christian talks through his gag the entire time :-). Classic!

Matthew Broderick - Ladyhawk

Matthew is tied up to stop him running away but is released by Ladyhawk (Michelle Pfeiffer) only to be captured again and used as bait for Rutger Hauer.

James MacArtrhur - Light in the Forest

In this old Disney classic James MacArthur plays a young man who has been brought up by Native Americans, but is 'rescued' by his 'own' people. He attempts to kill himself so is restrained. Later he is used as bait to lure the white folk to their doom but has a change of heart, so is punished with banishment.