Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Raviv Ullman, David Skylar, Jeremy Lelliott, Shahine Ezell, Frankie Levangie, Corey Hardrict and Talan Torriero - Driftwood

In this horror film, Raviv Ullman (also known as Ricky Ullman of off 'Phil Of The Future'), is taken to a behavioural unit by his parents. Whilst there he starts to see the spirit of a boy who was allegedly killed by the other lads in his dorm. This turns out to be a lie and to cover up the owner of the unit tries to burn the lads alive!

Raviv Ullman

Corey Hardrict

David Skylar

Frankie Levangie

Jeremy Lelliott

Shahine Ezell

Talan Torriero - As a guard (who was a former inhabitant of the unit) over powered by the lads he is about to burn!

All the lads together!!!

Greyston Holt - Lost Boys: The Tribe

Evan (Greyston) has been kidnapped by the vampires in a bid to get the lead girl to eat him and become a fully fledged vampire herself.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Brendan Murphy - Love, Blood and Kryptonite

Ok, so this took some working out to figure out who this was. It is not, as I previously thought, Alex Goode. Alex is in fact the kidnapper, not the kidnappee. If you watch the film you realise that the character is actually the narrator of the story. The cast list has him named as Brendan Murphy.

So, what is going here? Well Jimmy (Alex Good) has kidnapped the narrator (he has no other name) and sets fire to him. Does he die? You'll have to watch till the end!