Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Raviv Ullman, David Skylar, Jeremy Lelliott, Shahine Ezell, Frankie Levangie, Corey Hardrict and Talan Torriero - Driftwood

In this horror film, Raviv Ullman (also known as Ricky Ullman of off 'Phil Of The Future'), is taken to a behavioural unit by his parents. Whilst there he starts to see the spirit of a boy who was allegedly killed by the other lads in his dorm. This turns out to be a lie and to cover up the owner of the unit tries to burn the lads alive!

Raviv Ullman

Corey Hardrict

David Skylar

Frankie Levangie

Jeremy Lelliott

Shahine Ezell

Talan Torriero - As a guard (who was a former inhabitant of the unit) over powered by the lads he is about to burn!

All the lads together!!!

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