Saturday, 1 November 2008

Welcome - My First post

Ok, so my first post on this blog...thought it was about time I got in to the 21st century properly! So, what delights do I have in store for my first blog Well, feast your eyes on this!

First up we have Justin Bruening from Knight Rider S1 E5. In this scene he is trying to get on the inside of the baddies team and must pass an initiation of beatings and water torture!

Some more hazing from 'Gossip Girl' S2 E6 with Penn Badgely:

Next up is Aaron Ashmore from S8 E5 of Smallville. Kidnapped along with Chloe they are tortured to prove their love for each other.

In my next post I will add some of Tom Welling and Paul Walker. For now though, if you want to see more of the above and loads of others then visit and join my Yahoo Group:

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